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Common Questions and Answers about HTML Templates

  1. How to make the template's contact form to send email?
    PHP mail function is required to send the HTML form data as an email. YouTube video tutorials are available to assist you to setup your contact form quickly.
  2. May I delete credit links from website templates?
    Yes, you may delete any credit link or delete them all.
  3. Do I have to buy a template license for a link removal?
    No, you do not have to.
  4. What kind of license do templates have?
    All templates have a CC license.
  5. Are templates free for any kind of use?
    Yes, they are completely free to use for your personal, educational, and commercial websites.
  6. May I use templates to make my client websites?
    Yes, you can use our templates and charge your cleints for your service.
  7. May I re-use images from templates?
    Yes, you may use them.
  8. Can I redistribute your templates on my site?
    No, please do not redistribute our templates on your website. You can put a template screenshot with a link URL to a particular template page.
  9. May I support tooplate website?
    You may spread a word about tooplate to your friends.

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